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Moving Checklist: Top Things to Prepare For Hassle-Free Moving

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Moving is a great thing; it's new, exciting, and opens you with massive opportunities and possibilities. But it also is a lot of work. And sometimes, if not planned right, it can be a nightmare and cause you so much stress. As much as possible, we want our move to be smooth, effortless, and less frustrating. And what's the best way to make everything go according to your goal? Plan everything out in advance. To help you with your new beginning, here's a handy moving checklist. Follow all these helpful tips, and you are guaranteed to have a less stressful moving process.

Before Moving Checklist For your ease, we've categorized the checklist into two sections—the Before and During. Here are the things you need to prepare before you move. 3 Months Before Moving End Rental Contract If you're staying in rented accommodation, inform your landlord ahead about your moving plans. Secure School/Work Transfer Make sure everything's ready for you and your family when you move. Process school and work transfer obligations in advance. Check Travel Documents Check all travel documents including, Visa and make sure they aren't due to expire.

2 Months Before Moving Look for Moving Company Browse the internet or ask for recommendations from friends and family for a reliable moving company. Check Insurance Policy Double-check the moving company's insurance policy to make sure it works for you. Book Moving Company Finalize the contract and book the company that'll assist you on your big move. Plan Temporary Accommodation Assess the status of your move. Arrange temporary accommodation in advance if you think the new place won't be ready on actual moving day.

4 Weeks Before Moving Update Address Inform essential people of your new address (e.g., gas provider, phone, electricity, cable, doctor, family, etc.). Check any mail forwarding service if necessary. Update address on your valuable identifications as well. Sort and Dispose of Start deciding what items you would keep and get rid of. Host a garage sale to purge inessential stuff. Purchase Moving Supplies Buy enough packing essentials such as boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, ropes, etc. Organize and Pack Organize all items based on their purpose for easier unpacking. Kitchen stuff must be on the kitchen box, clothes on the clothing box, and so on.

2 Weeks Before Moving Cancel Subscriptions Cancel all subscriptions you won't need (gym, grooming, etc.) to prevent recurring bills. Confirm Moving Date Verify the moving dates to the providers you've booked a service. Arrange Babysitter Make sure someone will look after your kids and pets during the move. A Week Before Moving Dismantle Huge Furniture Save your time and disassemble massive furniture like section couches, shelves, and bed frames before your movers arrive.

Clean Make sure that your old home looks appealing and attractive for prospective renters or buyers. Prepare New Home To help you with the upcoming unpacking, visit the new home and neat it up. Plan how you want the place to look once all stuff is delivered. A Day Before Moving Prepare Enough Cash Make sure you have enough cash to cover yourself in case something unexpected comes up. Pack Handy Essentials and Double Check Everything Run last-minute errands. Moving Day Checklist If you've done all the necessary preparations beforehand, you shouldn't have anything to worry about during the moving day. But here are other things you can do to ensure a successful move. Secure Food and Water Stay dehydrated and energized. Bring in some water and snacks with you. Hand Over Keys Don't forget to hand over your keys to the new owners or your landlord. Inventory Keep track of all your belongings the movers will transport. Note any damaged or missing items for the insurance coverage.

Conclusion The key to a successful move is advanced and thorough planning. Right at the moment, you decide to move, everything must be outlined and organized appropriately. You can spread all these little steps on our moving checklist within a three-month period so it won't overwhelm you. It's also vital to ensure that you select movers that can cater to all your transport needs. Some offer packing and unpacking for a little extra cost. Decide whether you want to invest in additional services like this for your comfortable transition.

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